Deer Don’t Eat Camellias, and Other Lies I’ve Told Myself

There is nothing more heart-breaking than walking through your garden with a glass of wine at the end of a long workday, and realizing that all of those exotic-looking lilies you lovingly planted as bulbs in the fall are toast. Gone. Every bud and bloom devoured. It’s a common problem in the South, and asContinue reading “Deer Don’t Eat Camellias, and Other Lies I’ve Told Myself”

January Beauty

Lenten Rose, or Helleborus, is a winter-flowering beauty that should be included in every garden with a shady spot. With evergreen leaves and nodding flowers in shades ranging from pure white to deepest purple, Lenten rose blooms typically emerge in late January in the South, and often persist until late April. They prefer good gardenContinue reading “January Beauty”

Thinking Outside the Box(wood)

Winter is the perfect time to look at your landscape with fresh eyes. If you have shrubs flanking your front door, or along your sidewalk, that are in need of an update, consider tackling this project while temperatures are cool, from January through March. In the South, planting shrubs in cool weather is a goodContinue reading “Thinking Outside the Box(wood)”

Garden Design 101: Fall and Winter Containers

Containers are a great way to dip your toe into the gardening world.  I see containers as mini gardens that are moveable, inexpensive, and easy to change up when you have a new idea.  The key to container design is to begin with an anchor plant for a bit of height.  In summer, this mightContinue reading “Garden Design 101: Fall and Winter Containers”

“Your Garden Will Reveal Yourself”

(Henry Mitchell) I can’t imagine life without plants. Watching things grow sustains me in a way I don’t understand, but have learned to accept. I didn’t always feel this way.  The garden held no fascination for me as a child, and I generally avoided anything involving weeds or bugs. My grandfather’s impressive vegetable garden wasContinue reading ““Your Garden Will Reveal Yourself””