What Goes with What: A Cheat Sheet for Your Summer Garden

Although it’s a bit early to plant annuals here in zone 8, there are plenty of people, including me, checking out the flower displays at the local garden center this week. When you stop in to buy fertilizer, it only makes sense to walk through the plant aisles and look at all of those temptingContinue reading “What Goes with What: A Cheat Sheet for Your Summer Garden”

My Top Ten Useful Things for the Garden

Back in the day, Martha Stewart would share something wonderful (a tool, a kitchen gadget) and declare “It’s a Good Thing”, and we believed her. This month I thought I would share a few of my favorite things, from overalls to garden tools – and maybe even a plant or two. WORK OVERALLS. I neverContinue reading “My Top Ten Useful Things for the Garden”

Companion Plants for the Regal Camellia

It’s bloom season for the Camellia sasanqua here in the South, and looking around it’s not hard to understand why she’s the queen of the winter garden. While she’s beautiful on her own, I like to add a variety of both foliage and flowering plants around my camellias to finish the look. I thought I’dContinue reading “Companion Plants for the Regal Camellia”

Why Didn’t I Plant That?

Plant envy. It’s that feeling you get when you realize that you purchased plain jane plants at the garden center a few years back, and there’s something blooming in your neighbor’s yard that you’ve fallen in love with. The good news is that autumn is the perfect time to plant a few of those late-bloomingContinue reading “Why Didn’t I Plant That?”

Will This Plant Thrive in Clay?

Learning to garden in the South has its challenges.  I’ve written many times about my first attempts at gardening in sticky red clay. Having moved to Georgia from the Midwest, where my garden soil was a rich, brown loam,  I didn’t have much success gardening here until I understood that some plants thrive in acidicContinue reading “Will This Plant Thrive in Clay?”

A Game Plan for August, The Toughest Month in My Garden

Like many gardeners, I’m happiest during spring and fall, when the weather is pleasant and I can spend entire days doing what I love best: messing around with plants. You would assume that the dead of winter – January – would be the worst month to be a gardener. This isn’t true. When January arrivesContinue reading “A Game Plan for August, The Toughest Month in My Garden”