A Look Back at the Glorious Spring Season

I’ve been recording reels for my instagram feed lately, trying my best to capture the over-the-top party that is spring in the South. It was cooler than normal in April and May, which slowed the pace of spring growth, allowing all of us to enjoy a bounty of blooms before summer heat set in. Now that June is here, along with temps in the 90s some days, here’s a look back at some of my favorite moments in the garden so far this year.

Here’s a look at my meadow experiment, with crocuses, grape hyacinths, and assorted other bulbs. I overplanted bulbs with annual rye to create a lush green ‘meadow’ for the winter months in a 25 s.f. raised bed that I can see from my kitchen table. I loved it, though I quickly realized that it requires many, many more bulbs to be effective, so I’ll really go to town with the bulb order this summer.
This unnamed barrenwort, or epimedium, is a transplant from my previous garden, and it is extremely useful as a groundcover at the edge of woodland in dry shade. The deer typically leave it alone, though they have been known to sample the flowers if they are curious.
My Carolina silverbell tree bloomed well this year, to my delight. I love the delicate bell-shaped blooms on this slow-growing native tree that I planted a few years ago at the edge of the woods.
Foxgloves planted two years ago bloomed with abandon beginning in April. Here, they’re paired with a native white penstemon that the hummingbirds love to visit each morning.
Chinese foxglove is a new favorite of mine, and while the blooms may not be as showy as those of their taller cousins, I find them to be very elegant and beguiling.
Verbascum ‘Southern Charm’ is performing well in a couple places in my garden, and I’m absolutely smitten with this plant. It’s a winner for Southern gardens, and it doesn’t seem to mind my amended clay soil, which I was concerned about early on.
Amaryllis, purchased for Christmas and then planted in my garden in spring last year, looked serene and elegant in a mixed border.

June promises to bring a whole new assortment of delights as various salvias, amsonias, and coneflowers are beginning to show color. The adventures with deer will go on, as I’ve seen one fawn taking a nap in the afternoon just at the edge of my biggest garden border, but with any luck I’ll have new photos to share in a few weeks. Check my instagram feed for garden updates. You can find me at RoxannWardDesign.

Happy Gardening!

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