Designing with Plants that Like Wet Feet

Most people would feel disappointment once they realize that part of their yard is a mud pit after a rainstorm. Not me. I like a challenge. After living in my new home for a year or so, I noticed that part of an unplanted border was consistently damp. Rain would puddle in this area andContinue reading “Designing with Plants that Like Wet Feet”

Get Out in the Garden with Your Kids This Fall

As we look toward what will certainly be an atypical winter, I have been thinking about what I might plant this fall if I had small children at home. By the time February arrives, I suspect we will all be looking for any excuse to get out of the house on a sunny day. ItContinue reading “Get Out in the Garden with Your Kids This Fall”

Abelia, You’ve Stolen My Heart

There was a brief moment this summer when I felt like my childhood self, fully present, watching butterflies float around me, listening to the birds, and feeling the dappled sunlight on my face. I was sitting in the middle of a path lined with abelias, a plant that I have fallen in love with. InContinue reading “Abelia, You’ve Stolen My Heart”

Celebrate the Fall Season with Easy Container Plantings

After a long, hot summer in the South, I breathe a sigh of relief when temperatures finally drop into the seventies. This means I can once again spend long hours in my garden, moving plants, planting the last of cool season vegetables, and getting those chores done that I have put off since August.  ItContinue reading “Celebrate the Fall Season with Easy Container Plantings”

This Week in the Garden: Looking Toward Fall

In Southern gardens, August brings together the last of our summer-blooming perennials, along with annuals that have been holding it all together visually, as plants expand, bloom, and, in some cases, decline. The end of summer brings with it the hardest lesson for new gardeners — the realization that it is impossible to hold ontoContinue reading “This Week in the Garden: Looking Toward Fall”

Lift Your Mood with Color for the Late Summer Garden

I have a confession to make:  I don’t like gardening in late July and August. Allow me to clarify.  I love to see what is happening in my Georgia garden in late summer, but I don’t want to work in it, and by work I mean any task that leaves me soaked with sweat, andContinue reading “Lift Your Mood with Color for the Late Summer Garden”

Outsmarting Bambi: Designing a Beautiful Garden Using Plants that Deer Hate

Lately I seem to spend a lot of time asking myself, what else can I plant that the deer will find disgusting? It’s not a typical approach to garden design, but for those of us living in areas where deer are present year-round, it is the only way to enjoy flowers without heartbreak. Here’s howContinue reading “Outsmarting Bambi: Designing a Beautiful Garden Using Plants that Deer Hate”

Easy Perennials for Southern Gardens

In this stressful time, I look forward to every sunny morning I can walk into the garden and watch my plants waking up from their winter sleep. It is spring in the South, and each day brings a new surprise. So much changes in the hours between sunset and dawn that a quick walk acrossContinue reading “Easy Perennials for Southern Gardens”

Organic Gardening: Giving Up the Blue Stuff

The organic gardening discussion has been going on for decades, and in 2021 the availability of organically-grown food is something we take for granted. While it is easy to pick up that container of organic strawberries to add to your morning yogurt, I wonder how many home gardeners have embraced organic practices as the bestContinue reading “Organic Gardening: Giving Up the Blue Stuff”